Adam Kardos

AAS Press


Motivated Learners Succeed

Sun, Feb 14, 10:00-10:45 JST

Motivation is the biggest determiner of a learner’s success at learning a language. Motivating our learners is a complex and often counterintuitive process. Consider why incentives can be a powerful demotivator. This presentation will provide a practical framework for understanding motivation and how to increase it in our learners. Adam Kardos is a school owner, teacher trainer and author of EFL materials including, Awesome Phonics Adventures and Here Come the Unicorns, winner of a 2020 Language Learner Literature award. Audience aimed at: Kindergarten and below. Elementary School Age Teachers. Junior High School. High School. Higher Education. General English. School Owners. Language of the Presentation: English

Throw Away Your Grammar Syllabus

Sun, Feb 14, 16:45-17:30 JST

This presentation looks at the advantages of teaching through stories and introduces The Awesome Adventure Series, a holistic English course for young learners that offers a refreshing alternative to atomistic grammar syllabuses. The series includes a synergistic blend of pop songs, award-winning comic readers and innovative games/tasks.