Sessionell 2021 / Chance for Children

Chance for Children


Diverse learning for all children

Our goal is to create a society in which children can embrace a variety of learning opportunities, regardless of economic conditions or individual characteristics. By providing "study coupons" that can be used outside  school, we aim to create an environment where all children can learn freely.


1. 1. Eliminate educational disparities for children (equality)

In Japan, public education common throughout the country is provided to children. However, the reality is that there are significant inequalities and disparities in access to educational opportunities outside of school, such as learning and hands-on activities. In order to eliminate this disparity and realize equal opportunity in education, we provide "Study Coupons" to children all over Japan who do not have enough opportunities to learn due to economic conditions and disasters.

2. 2. Supporting children's free decision-making (freedom)

We put children's freedom first. The greatest advantage of "Study Coupons" is they can respect the will of each child, not parents, teachers, or nations. But that's not the same as pushing children away and leaving them alone. We have built a system in which "Brushes" *1 and "Coordinators" *2 accompany children, and we value the provision of appropriate information and support.

* 1 Brushes = Abbreviation for "Brother Sister". University student volunteers who have regular interviews with their children.
* 2 Coordinator = staff who cooperate with homes, coupon users, welfare institutions, etc. to support children so that they can access appropriate learning opportunities.

3. 3. Creating an environment that responds to the diversity of children (inclusion)

We believe the more diverse the learning environment surrounding a child, the easier it is for each person with diverse backgrounds and characteristics to live. In order to increase the number of children who are glad to meet this teacher, did their best because of this place, and can be connected to such opportunities, we cooperate with the local "learning place" that can be attended with "study coupons." We aim to contribute to the creation of an inclusive environment.