José Domingo Cruz


José Domingo Cruz works on several English study projects, including his main venture, “GOLDFish365”. Cruz is from Canada, and is a veteran university instructor and Japan resident, specializing in fluency instruction and authentic materials creation. He is also a leading member of Online Teaching Japan.


Verbal Classrooms: Faster, Smoother, More

Sun, Feb 14, 12:30-13:15 JST

All teachers want students to improve fluency, but how to teach it? Cruz will talk about how to get students to speak faster and to say more using basic measurable targets and techniques, such as the AQp, “One Idea, One Breath” (OIOB) and the “Switch”. Audience aimed at: Elementary School Age Teachers. Junior High School. High School. Higher Education. General English. School Owners. Language of the Presentation: English (Questions can be taken in Japanese.)