Sessionell 2021 / How to attend


The conference itself and access to Zoom will be via this website (Eventzilla). 

In order to attend Session ELL 2021, you need to:

1. Join the SessionELL2021 Event Space

If you haven't already, you need to both create a user here on Eventzilla and one-click-join the SessionELL2021 Event space. If you have created a user before (such as attending JALT, JALTCALL, PanSIG, or ER Seminar) you do not need to create a new one. Simply log in and join the SessionELL2021 Event space.

2. Get a ticket on this Event Space

Once you have completed the above you'll be able to get a ticket to this conference by simply following the Ticket link on this site and paying by PayPal.

3. During the conference itself

You'll be able to enter the Zoom rooms, provided you have a ticket, by following the Live Schedule link or by viewing individual session pages where you'll see a link to enter.

Simply click on the presentation and enter via the button there.

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Looking forward to seeing you at the event!