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100 Ways to Love Learning Words! #988

Sun, Feb 14, 14:15-15:00 JST

Sight Words play an important role in the early reading and writing experiences. Working with literacy specialists and classroom teachers, 100 sight words for each grade are chosen and put into this engaging workbook series called "Scholastic 100 Words Kids Need to Know/Read Workbook". The educational activities developed to give children the opportunities to read, write and use these words. How to use the workbooks more effectively in class lessons and online lessons are shared.

Introduction to e-future's spiral curriculum #991

Sun, Feb 14, 10:00-10:45 JST

This presentation will show how the spiral syllabus, designed into all e-future course materials, helps students learn through, linking, reviewing and expansion. Additionally, the proven EFL focused phonics system included in five separate phonics courses will be explained. e-future is a progressive publisher of EFL materials based in Korea with a global reach. e-future provides a suite of course materials from pre-school, up through elementary and high school, all of which are comprised of a systematic curriculum that supports teachers and EFL learners. e-future provides extensive teacher and curriculum support and all core materials have comprehensive and easy-to-use digital support. Audience aimed at: Kindergarten and below. Elementary School Age Teachers. Junior High School. High School. General English. School Owners. Remote Teaching. Language of the Presentation: English

Throw Away Your Grammar Syllabus #995

Sun, Feb 14, 16:45-17:30 JST

This presentation looks at the advantages of teaching through stories and introduces The Awesome Adventure Series, a holistic English course for young learners that offers a refreshing alternative to atomistic grammar syllabuses. The series includes a synergistic blend of pop songs, award-winning comic readers and innovative games/tasks.

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