Scott Crowe

CBC Consulting

Scott has been teaching English to children for over 22 years.  He has spent the last 15 years studying English education in relation to how children play, the language they most frequently use when they play and how they use it.  He created an approach which uses story based teaching and encourages imaginative play in English.  He loves Japan and is a karaoke fan.  He has a wonderful little family and is living happily ever after in Osaka (minus the white picket fence).


Home study integration with Live/Zoom Lessons for Very Young Learners

Sun, Feb 14, 16:45-17:30 JST

RoyalABC™, the world’s leading early-learning platform, now localized for the Japanese market, seamlessly connects language learning for very young learners in class with learning at home. This presentation demonstrates how the app gets very young and young learners learning English effectively at home, accurately tracks the progress of each student and teaches these ages online or live in a fun, age-appropriate way.