Amy Long

My English Book and Me, Dave and Amy Games / English School

Amy, with her husband Dave, has been teaching English to kids in Japan since 1996. They opened Dave and Amy English School in 2004. It's grown to 4 locations with over 600 students. They made the My English Book and Me (Kindergarten 1 and 2, Elementary 1 - 4) and Dave and Amy Games to make their students strong readers, writers and speakers of English. The materials are well tested in their classrooms. We hope you enjoy them also. Dave and Amy have 2 sons (14 and 16) and love their life in Japan.


A Student-Centered, Phonics-Based Kinder Lesson Plan

Sun, Feb 14, 12:30-13:15 JST

How do kinders learn phonics, vocabulary, Q and A and sing songs in a student-centered lesson? At Dave and Amy English School, we have a simple kindergarten lesson plan that boosts children's confidence and prepares them for writing and more advanced speaking and reading when they progress to Elementary school. This plan can be adapted to accommodate all kindergarten levels. Audience aimed at: Kindergarten and below. Language of the Presentation: English

A Phonics Based, Student-Centered Elementary Lesson Plan

Sun, Feb 14, 10:00-10:45 JST

How do students learn the 4 skills in a phonics-based, student-centered class? At Dave and Amy English School, we have a simple elementary lesson plan that works with beginners up to advanced elementary students. Use this plan and adapt it to accommodate all levels. Most beginning ABC students progress to reading full sentences with 3 letter words in 3 months. We’ll show you how. Audience aimed at: Elementary School Age Teachers. Language of the Presentation: English