Lesley Ito

LIXON Library/BIG BOW Englsh Lab

Lesley Ito is the owner of BIG BOW English Lab and LIXON Education and will be giving a presentation about school libraries and the LIXON Library system. She has an MSc in TEYL from Aston University and is an award-winning EFL materials writer.


Creating a Successful Extensive Reading Library

Sun, Feb 14, 11:15-12:00 JST

Creating a successful extensive reading (ER) library involves more than just putting books on shelves. An encouraging environment plus an ER technique called Teacher Read Alouds, will motivate students to borrow books. In addition, learn how to put together a cost-effective library with a convenient bar code scanner system. Audience aimed at: Kindergarten and below; Elementary School Age Teachers; Junior High School; School Owners Presentation in English